Accessibility Statement

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Details accessibility features of the WAM!NET Portal

Every effort has been made to ensure that this site is accessible to all users whether they use graphical browsers, text browsers or assistive technologies. It has been designed to meet many aspects of current accessibility standards, such as those defined by Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act and the W3C's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines .

Note that some of our services do still require JavaScript and so do not fully meet accessibility standards at this time. We are working to provide functional services for all users and we welcome any feedback, comments or suggested improvements via the contact us page.

The following information may be of particular assistance:

  • The tab menu items near the top of each page each have a numeric keyboard shortcut. The shortcuts start at 1 and increase from left to right. Keyboard shortcuts normally require the Alt key (on a PC) or the Control key (on a Mac) to be used in combination with the designated shortcut key, however, not all browsers support shortcuts.
  • Links in the page footer also have keyboard shortcuts that correspond to the initial letter of the link.
  • Keyboard shortcuts can be identified through the link title that is normally visible by hovering the curser over the link.
  • A special keyboard shortcut key of "F" will activate the first form field (if present) in the main content area of the page.
  • A tab key sequence is established for all pages that gives priority to the main page content. The tab key sequence is:
    1. Main page content items
    2. Right hand column items (if present)
    3. Left hand column items (if present)
    4. Page footer links
    5. Header and Tab menu links
  • A number of links, that are hidden to graphical browsers, allow blocks of content (e.g. global navigation links) to be skipped over.