Technical Support

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Telephone Support

All numbers are only available in the location indicated.

Telephone support is provided 24x7 for all services and should be used for all urgent requests.

Technical Support Numbers
Location Number
Australia 1 800 097 572
Europe 00800 7288 4743
Hong Kong 2724 8381
Japan 03 5117 2159
Singapore 6768 8055
United States 1 888 NET OPS1
1 888 638 6771

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Maintenance Calendar

We perform regular maintenance and updates to our services. Details of major updates are published 14 days in advance and a full schedule of maintenance windows is available annually. more »

WAM!NET Technical Support Request

Many issues can be resolved by first checking Latest Info. Technical support for our services is available to our customers and their third party users 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at no additional cost. However, users of Hosted WAM!NET® Internet Gateway(SM) and WAM!NET® Content Submission Portal(SM) Services must contact the subscribing organization for technical support.

Our technical support organization will answer your technical questions regarding the use of our services and help trouble shoot any service issues you report. A technical support request is recorded as a support case once sufficient identifying information has been supplied by the submitter with progress reported against the case until it is closed. When a service issue is determined to be a software bug, it will be recorded in our software bugs database and assessed for resolution in a future release of the impacted service(s).

For urgent technical support requests please use the telephone numbers shown. Other technical support requests can be made via email using the form below. Please be ready to supply your Resource ID, a return phone number and as much specific information as possible about the problem.

Standard response time via email is 24 hours. For more urgent requests please contact us using one of the telephone numbers shown.

Fields in bold and marked with a "*" are required.

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Your Contact Details

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Your Request Details

: Please include your Resource ID/User Name if this request concerns a service you already use 
*: Please provide as much detail as possible regarding your inquiry including the URL, Browser & Platform you are using and any Error Message you have received 
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